Mr. Teodorico Haresco has been instrumental in the conceptualization and practical development of the Philippines’ President’s Bridge Program (PBP), which has been credited with energizing the Philippines’ rural economic development. The President’s Bridge Program in the Philippines has been used as a model for bridge programs in such countries as Siberia, Sri Lanka, and Papua New Guinea. Mr. Teodorico Haresco’s personal investment in the Special Zone in Peace and Development phase of the President’s Bridge Program earned him particular attention: Mr. Haresco was a noted vital factor in PBP, aptly dubbed the “Bridges of Hope.” Under the watchful eye of Teodorico Haresco, the project completed 526 bridges nine months ahead of schedule, no small feat for the country’s only dedicated bridging project.

A graduate of such economic institutions as De La Salle University in Manila and McGill University in Montreal, Mr. Teodorico Haresco is the Chairman of Winace Holdings Philippines, the mother company of several subsidiaries powerful in their own rights, including Winsource Solutions, Inc., Winace Land Development Co., One White Beach Land Development Corp., Chaikofi, Inc., Eco-Coral & Technostrat Corp and Boracay I-Land Group, Inc.

Teodorico Haresco is a man dedicated to country, family, and community. The happily married father of four is the principal developer of a nationwide scholarship fund for children of slain journalists. Teodorico Haresco is credited in “The British Legacy to the Philippines: 425 Years of Philippine-British Relations” as one of 19 Filipinos who have directly contributed to Philippine development through work driven by commitment, dedication, and nationalism.


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